Sticky-Notes Manual

Sticky Notes - Quick start
Run Sticky Notes

Run Sticky-Notes

You can start the program by double clicking the icon on your desktop or selecting Sticky-Notes in the Start menu.
Sticky-Notes resides in your system tray (near the system clock) and enables you to quickly access the Main menu. If you do not see the tray icon, click the arrow in the Notification area to show hidden tray icons.

Main menu

The Main menu provides quick access to program options. You can effectively manage all your notes, access the Program and Note Settings, etc.

To access the Main menu, right-click the Sticky-Notes tray icon ('S' located in the Notification area near the Windows clock at the bottom of the screen).

Sticky-Notes main menu

or double click the icon on the desktop

Sticky-Notes main menu


This menu item provides instant access to the list of actions that could be performed on all of your notes - Show All notes, Hide All Notes, Cascade All, Minimize All.

Notes Manager

Notes Manager

With Sticky-Notes, you can store and organize a huge number of notes in a simple way. The Notes Manager option available in the program allows you to effectively store, organize and sort notes.

To open the Notes Manager, press Ctrl+Alt+M or select Notes Manager from the main menu.
If the Open Notes Manager on startup option is selected, when you run the program, you will be presented with the Notes Manager window with the list of your notes and reminders. When you run the program first time this list is empty. In the Notes Manager window you can quickly add a new note, show, hide, delete, or print your notes or set an alarm.

Notes manager

New - creates a new note.
Show - places selected notes on top.
Hide - hides selected notes.
Delete - deletes selected notes.
Print - prints selected notes.
Alarm - allows you to set, change or delete an alarm.
Refresh - refreshes the list of notes.

To show or hide an individual note, select it and press Enter or just double-click on it in the list.


The Find option makes it easy find a note you need.

Find notes

Open the 'Find' window and type in the text.
Then choose if you want to search in all notes or exclude minimized and locked notes.
To limit the search you can select the 'Match whole word' and 'Case sensitive' options.

Recycle Bin

If you enabled the Recycle Bin option, deleted notes are moved to the Recycle bin.

To restore a deleted note, select it and click Restore.

Import Notes

This option will be useful if you need to transfer your notes to another computer or restore notes from a backup in case of corrupting your notes database or accidental deleting notes.

Export Notes

With Sticky Notes, you have the option to save your notes for backup purposes, or for easy transfer amongst different computers.
Selecting the Export option will open the Save dialog where you can select where to save your notes.


You do not need to save your notes manually. Sticky Notes saves them automatically when you create notes or make any changes.
The program will automatically save all information.

In addition, notes are saved automatically every 15 minutes. This interval can be changed in the Program settings.
You can also force the saving of a new or edited note by clicking Save in the Main menu.

Note Menu

The Note menu can be accessed from each note by clicking on the icon in the upper-left corner.

Note Menu

It provides quick access to certain actions such as 'Lock', 'Save', 'Duplicate', 'Import file', 'Delete', 'Print', 'Send' and changing priority, transparency, size.

There are many different actions you can perform on an individual note.


Changes note's priority.
High - select this level to have a note always on top of other windows.
Standard - standard windows order.
Low - select this level to have a note on the desktop. The note will be placed on top of other windows only when you show it and it is in focus.


Displays the current opacity level. Use the slider to change the note's transparency.


To resize a note, you can drag an edge or corner of the note.
Set size - specify size in pixels.
Maximize - maximize a note.


Locks a note to prevent accidental editing or deleting. Locked notes support the read-only mode.


You can save an individual note to a file by selecting 'Save' from the Note Menu. This will open a Save dialog and you can select to save the note as rtf/txt file or save as picture. It could be useful if you need to transfer one note to another location or create a copy of your note.


Duplicates a note.

Import file

Opens the dialog window where you can choose the file you want to import. Sticky-Notes supports importing txt and rtf files.


Opens the Delete dialog window. If you do not need a note anymore, click Yes to confirm deletion.
To delete a group of notes, use the Notes Manager.

Print note

Opens the Print window.

Send note

Opens the 'Send' window
Specify the computer where you intend to send a note.

Note context menu

There are many ways to format and customize your note.

Right-click the note to change note appearance and format text

To customize a sticky note (change color, font), right-click the note and then select the desired option.

Edit and customize title area

Edit title

To edit a title, double-click the title area or right-click the title area and select Edit Title. When you are done editing, press 'Enter' or click the 'Finish title editing' icon.
Font color - use this to set the font color of the title.
Background color - select the color of the title.
Font - choose the title font and size.

Edit and customize a note

Font - choose the font and size.
Font color - use this option to set the font color.
Background color - select the note background color.
Background image - set or remove the background image.
If you need to set up a background image for the current note, right click on the note and select Background image from the context menu. In the opened window, click Select Image, browse to the folder that contains an image file that you want to use as the background and select the image file.
In the Image position list, select one of the following background image positions:
Stretch: The image's dimensions are stretched so that the image fills the note.
Top left. The image is placed in the top left corner of the note.
Top right. The image is placed in the top right corner of the note.
Bottom left. The image is placed in the bottom left corner of the note.
Bottom right. The image is placed in the bottom right corner of the note.
To remove a background image, click Remove background image.

Paragraph Settings:
Line spacing
Bulleted and numbered lists

Select the text you want to format and use the hotkeys combinations listed below or select format options from the right-click menu.

Font size:
Increase font size Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow
Decrease font size Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow
Or you can highlight the text, right-click the note, select Font and select font size.

Create a bulleted list:
Press Ctrl+Shift+L
Place the cursor where you want to begin a bulleted list.
Right-click the note, select Paragraph Settings and select 'Bulleted' from the 'Bulleted and Numbered list' drop-down menu.
Start typing the text for the first item. To create the next item press Enter.
To end the bulleted list press Enter twice.

Create a numbered list:
Press Ctrl+Shift+L twice
Place the cursor where you want to begin a numbered list.
Right-click the note, select Paragraph Settings and select the format you need from the 'Bulleted and Numbered list' drop-down menu.
Start typing the text for the first item. To create the next item press Enter.
To end the numbered list press Enter twice.

Text alignment
Use the hotkeys:
Left alignment Ctrl+L
Right alignment Ctrl+R
Center alignment Ctrl+E

Or right-click the note, select Paragraph Settings and select Left, Right or Center from the Alignment drop-down menu.

Line spacing
Use hotkeys:
Ctrl+1 Line spacing = 1 line
Ctrl+2 Line spacing = 2 lines
Ctrl+5 Line spacing = 1.5 lines

Or right-click the note, select Paragraph Settings and select the type of line spacing.

Hotkeys for basic actions:

Program hotkeys:
Ctrl + Alt + M - open or close Notes Manager
Ctrl + Alt + N - create a new note
Ctrl + Alt + S - show all notes
Ctrl + Alt + H - hide all notes

Hotkeys for an active note:
Ctrl + Shift + R - change note color
Ctrl + D - open the font settings window
Ctrl + B - bold
Ctrl + U - underline
Ctrl + I - italic
Ctrl + Shift + S - strike out
Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow - increase font size
Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow - decrease font size
Ctrl + Shift + L - create a bulleted list
Ctrl + Shift + L (twice) - create a numbered list
Ctrl + L - left alignment
Ctrl + R - right alignment
Ctrl + E - center alignment
Ctrl + 1 - line spacing = 1 line
Ctrl + 2 - line spacing = 2 lines
Ctrl + 5 - line spacing = 1.5 lines
Ctrl + Tab - Tab
Ctrl + A - Select all
Ctrl + C - Copy
Ctrl + V - Paste
Ctrl + X - Cut
Ctrl + Z - Undo
Ctrl + Y - Redo
Ctrl + Shift + A - Set all caps

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