How to set a Reminder
with JustNoteIt for Windows 7/XP/Vista
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Create reminders and set alarms

With reminder option you can create daily, weekly and one-time reminders keeping you aware of your important matters.

How to set or change a reminder

After you create a note, you can:

click on the alarm icon in the upper-left corner

or highlight the note in the Notes Manager and click the Alarm button

You will be presented with the Alarm settings window for that particular note.

Here you can select or change alarm settings:

- Set the date and time for a reminder.

- Set to repeat the reminder every Monday or every Tuesday and Thursday, etc or every day.

- Enable or disable snooze. Snooze interval is 9 minutes. By default, snooze is off.

- Set alarm actions for a reminder.

Once you have set up the reminder options, click OK. You can see information about the Alarm state and time:

- in the alarm icon's tooltip
- in the Notes Manager

If you set an alarm without snooze, you can stop it by clicking 'stop alarm'.

If you selected snooze while setting up your reminder, you can stop it by clicking 'stop alarm' or snooze it by clicking 'SNOOZE' .

Flash and Read notes last for 1 minute. Beep sounds once.
Repeated reminders stay active until you disable them. To disable a reminder select Alarm Off in the Alarm settings window.

Friday, July 19, 2024
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