Free Sticky Notes Software
JustNoteIt for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

Be productive and stay organize
Free Sticky Notes Software
Organize stickies the way you like
Customize your notes by choosing necessary colors, fonts and sizes
Use notes manager to manage all your notes in one place
Easily restore your sticky notes from the Recycle Bin
Powerful and easy to use free note taking program that enables you to place virtual sticky notes on your Windows desktop and set up quick reminders. With free JustNoteIt for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can easily store, organize and share all of your important information.

Be organized - Just Note It!

Welcome to the STICKY-NOTES.ORG home website for JustNoteIt for Windows XP/7/Vista.

Create as many notes as you like and keep them all in one place. With JustNoteIt you could not just place colored stickies on your PC desktop, but use a list of advanced features such as Notes Manager, Notes with different priorities, Quick reminders with alarm, Notes search, Recycle Bin for deleted notes, Notes Backup and more.

If you are looking for sticky notes app and notes manager for Windows 10 or Mac we recommend you to check:
JustNoteIt for Windows 10 and JustNoteIt for Mac.

Sticky notes that are really useful!

Whether you are working on a project, report or presentation, planning a revision, gathering data on the web, need to write down information, or set a reminder, JustNoteIt for Windows 7/XP/Vista helps you with it. The program makes it easy to take and organize notes for work, home and school. Download and install JustNoteIt to have it available for quick note-taking and create sticky notes without interrupting your work.

To work with your notes on different computers, for example, at work and at home, install the program on a flash drive and take your sticky notes with yourself.

Organize sticky notes on your desktop

Protect your desktop notes

Restore Deleted Notes

Notes Recycle Bin
Accidentally deleted some important notes? With JustNoteIt Recycle Bin option it's really easy! Your accidentally deleted sticky notes may be restored just with one click.

Notes Auto-Backup

Protect your sticky notes
It is really important to prevent data loss. To protect your sticky notes, each time you shut down or restart your PC, exit the program, the app automatically creates a backup of your notes.

Manage all sticky notes from one place

With JustNoteIt, you can store and organize a huge number of notes in a simple way. The Notes Manager allows you to effectively store, organize and sort notes.
In the Notes Manager window you can quickly add a new sticky note, show, hide, delete, search or print your notes or set a note alarm.

Desktop Notes Manager

💢 View all sticky notes in the Notes Manager.
💢 Sort desktop notes by title, date, priority,...
💢 Create and delete, show and hide, search, share and print sticky notes.
💢 Quickly switch between stickies.

Organize your notes the way you like

💢 Tag desktop notes with titles, colors.
💢 Set priorities for sticky notes.
💢 Use hotkeys to quickly manage your notes.
💢 Lock notes to prevent them from being accidentally deleted or changed.

JustNoteIt for Windows 7/Vista/XP Core Functionality

✎ Free, powerful and easy to use

Create, customize, resize, set alarm, search, print sticky notes just with a click.

✎ Sticky Notes Manager

View all your sticky notes in one window.

✎ Notes Search

Quickly find desired notes in your notes DB.

✎ Print Sticky Notes

Print desktop notes or save them as pdf.

✎ Import & export notes

Transfer your notes from one PC to another or just backup your notes.

✎ Protect Notes

Backup and Recycle bin options protect your sticky notes data.

✎ Desktop Notes Appearance

Minimize/maximize, hide/show, cascade and set notes transparency.

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